Time to refresh your program?

This blog post from Influitive has hints for spring cleaning your AdvocateHub.  All great hints and ones we do more frequently than only with a spring refresh.  If you are an active member of our hub you have probably noticed that we update regularly. 

Each quarter we change the theme of our Hub. We brainstorm potential new ‘locations’ and have a Hub challenge where participants can vote for our next destination.  And then the refresh begins. Our Hub manager, a position which rotates so we all have expertise with AdvocateHubs, chooses a specific day for the change.

Over a pizza lunch we make quick work of a full refresh.  All challenges are reviewed to ensure they are still relevant and we check for broken links. Photos that accompany each challenge are reviewed and the majority are changed to align with our new theme.  Our latest change was In January when we moved from Germany to the Olympics and Korea.  The changes to challenges and the visual theme are the most visible though behind the scenes we’re also looking at advocate groups, rewards, and our metrics.

While the Inflitive article is specific to AdvocateHub refreshes, it really applies to all types of advocate programs.  How do you keep your program fresh and relevant?


Cisco: Impressive Results From Their Advocacy Program


Influitive featured a blog post from Sonia Chavez, “How Cisco Turned IT Professionals into Rockstar Advocates and Boosted Customer Engagement To 58%” here.  In the article Chavez shares how they work with their community of Cisco certified professionals.  That’s an enthusiastic group, there’s even a photo of someone’s arm, with their credential as a tattoo! 

Chavez wanted to increase engagement with this group and encourage them to continue their education. Late in 2016 she started an advocacy program and, in the article, shares her results as well as solid tips for others looking to do the same.

The engagement rate of 58% far exceeds the original goal of 35% and the norm for similar programs which is about 20%.  Members of their community have taken advanced exams, and the community participation has helped them reach educational goals faster. Program members has posted thousands of social media shares and hundreds of community members have given testimonials.

Impressive results, helpful tips.  This article is definitely worth a read! 

Vote for 2017 Advocate Marketing Program of the Year – Deadline is Nov 24

BAMMIESThe Best Advocate Marketing Awards (BAMMIES for short) are produced by Influitive and designed to showcase the great strides that are being made by B2B marketing leaders who are working with their advocates to drive brand, demand and revenue. 

The BAMMIES are awarded annually.  The 10 categories include “Building Event Buzz with an Advocate Swarm”, “The Advocate Marketing Hall of Fame”, and the big one – “The Advocate Marketing Program of the Year”.  You can vote for the winner of the latter category, which is awarded to the program you think has delivered measurable value through inspiring and flawless execution. Vote here.    

Here are the 2017 Advocate Marketing Program of the Year finalists, congratulations to all!

  • Ceridian HCM
  • Cisco
  • DocuSign
  • GoGuardian
  • InTouch Health
  • Pearson
  • PowerDMS
  • Staples 

Hurry, voting ends Friday, November 24 at 5 pm EST. Winners will be recognized at the Best Advocate Marketing Awards ceremony at Advocamp on December 6th-8th, 2017, in San Francisco.

Congratulations to our Award Winning Client!


Congratulations to our client Lisa Matzdorff, Director, Customer Experience, at Symantec.  She was just named the winner of the Sherpa Award for Innovative Feature Use at the Elevate Customer Summit hosted by RO Innovation.

Lisa uses ReferenceView, an application from RO Innovation, to track recruitment and reference activities. She needed a granular method for tracking and reporting each stage of recruitment to support the volume and multi-step process in place at Symantec. Lisa turned to ReferenceView’s workflow functionality to keep recruitment of new advocates moving at an optimal pace. Notes are captured within each step so that a permanent record remains available. 

This approach ensures the recruitment process is as efficient as possible, with a clear view of metrics. The process has enabled Lisa to consistently exceed the security industry’s standard advocate recruitment rate!  Congratulations Lisa on both your award and your great results!

Signature of Approval!

Freud.pngWe just returned from the Cyber Defense Summit 2017 in Las Vegas.  Leading up to the Summit we worked with customers to create videos and quotes that were used throughout the event.  Our trip to Australia to film customers resulted in such great content we expedited processes and went from filming in one country to showing our videos on the main stage of the event 12 days later!

Love this photo, Freud Alexandre, the Enterprise Architect and Security Manager for the City of New Orleans, was so happy to be featured he autographed his banner.  That is the signature of approval! What we like to see with all our customer deliverables.

Stop by and say hi!

The 2017 Summit on Customer Engagement is fast approaching!  The opening reception is March 6, with conference sessions on March 7th and 8th.  Referential is again one of the Summit sponsors. Please stop by our table and meet Helen Feber and Andreas Silva.  This year Helen will be hosting a break out session with Cindy Valladares of Tripwire.

Join them at 2:20pm on March 7th to hear their presentation: Increasing—and Proving—the Long-term Value of Customer Advocates.

Cindy and Helen will show you how Tripwire has co-opted a measure dear to the heart of the C-suite—the long-term value of customers—and adopted it to the long-term value of customer advocates. In the process, they’ve found that engaged advocates are buying 3X the amount of average customers. Note this is before the additional, exponential value they create from advocating!

The Summit is always a great chance to learn and connect.  We hope to see you there.  Get all the details here.

Congratulations to RO Innovation!

We work closely with RO Innovation and their solution is used by several of our clients.  Congratulations are in order as they were recently named the top Advocacy and Social Selling tool for 2016 by Smart Selling Tools.  It’s the third year in a row they’ve been chosen as a top marketing tool.  See more here

Smart Selling Tools is an analyst firm specializing in sales productivity and sales performance improvement.  The companies they chose for the 2016 awards all have innovative products which produce measurable outcomes.

Congratulations again to RO Innovation!